Client Tools

Tools to build and manage your own OTT video service. And monetize it by ad, subscription, rental, or purchase.

What do clients need?

Easy access to settings, brand style, user support, and a lot more.

Clients of ViewLift expect to be able to manage a number of things from the back end. When they sign up, they can choose from a number of prebuilt templates, like Sports or Entertainment, but from there, they can further customize their users' experiences with tools that I helped to define, design, and build.


As a content producer, one of the key business choices a ViewLift client makes is how to monetize content. In the OTT video world, there are four major types of monetization, and ViewLift offers all of them. These types are Advertising, Subscription, Transaction (rent/purchase), and Pay-per-view.

I was given the task to add Transaction and Pay-per-view to the platform. Advertising and Subscription were already offered. One of the first things I thought to add was the concept of a "Monetization Model" to apply to content, rather than having a single choice at the service level—here, service means the site and apps. Up until then, clients had a mostly binary choice between Ad and Subscription, and I wanted to enhance that with allowing for mixed types within a single service.

I laid out a new flow where a client would build a list of Monetization Models and set a default. When building a model, you choose its type and then set options based on that type. If you are building a Transactional model, you can set pricing for rentals and purchases either once or different pricing based on quality like SD vs. HD. You could even turn off purchases altogether and only allow rentals, or vice-versa.

Customer Service

Clients also need to manage their users, especially when taking money from subscriptions or transactions. They need to see when that user paid, how much they paid, if they are in good standing, or if their payment had an issue. In certain cases, they should be able to issue refunds, or add special offer codes so that they might have a discount in the future.

I created a user detail view that allows a CSR to easily see everything about a user. Section by section we have basic account information, when and how they were acquired—we cookie by marketing campaigns, their last login date and time, what devices they have used, their watchlist and watched history, their billing history including failed payments, offer codes they have used in the past and are currently applied, and their full audit log of account history and actions.

From this dashboard, CSRs can issue refunds, apply new offers, remove existing offers, deactivate users' devices, cancel their subscription plan, alter their subscription plan, and deactivate the account entirely.

And Much More!

The back end tools available to ViewLift clients are numerous and I worked on many aspects of the back-end. Including: Managing machine learning models for subscriber churn prediction, subscription plan management tools, managing sport properties like teams, leagues, and players, and architecting the back-end application shell itself.

Managing the management tools

Here are some of the designs and flows I worked on.